Dream Keep Consulting's courses center the brilliance, magnificence, and innovation of Black Hood youth and young adults. We center Hood culture and experiences as a lens from which to analyze the world and all of its -isms. We help youth-serving people and organizational settings challenge themselves to show up deliberately and be their best selves so they can honor and uplift youth! If you belong to an organization, school, after-school, or community setting that seeks to support youth, you have found a soft place to land in Dream Keep!


"Rebecca did an awesome job! Not only did she articulate well, she created a warm and positive space. Additionally, the content was on point and she stayed focused on the matter. You can truly hear the passion she has for our YOUTH. Thank you for the insight and information."

- Supporting BIPOC Youth with Intention Workshop Participant

The Hard Conversations: Understanding Interpersonal Violence & Consent Feedback

"What was most valuable was Rebecca's vulnerability, and validation of our experiences. She was well-equipped with the signs of abuse, and checking our feelings. She was raw in a beautiful way."

"Rebecca keep being our real voice, a voice for the abused, the thrivers, and the dismissed!"

Many Participants Across Trainings say:

"Thank you! This course was very informative and will help in my work with youth!"

Takeaway: "A reminder to create safe space for my participants and that we have much work to continue in creating a world that works for us."

Takeaway: "Being authentic in myself & give room for the clients we work with to be themselves."

Takeaway: "The importance of being trauma-informed and creating safe spaces for our youth"

Trauma & Safety in The Hood: Explorations of Self and Community Healing Feedback

I learned:

"The actual meaning of trauma and its long-term impacts on hood communities (both good and harmful).

The unique strengths of hood communities and the need for practitioners to use advanced education/academia to advocate, support and advance the well-being of others from the hood- even if it deviates from mainstream/eurocentric views and practices of healing.

Especially because the hood experience is so nuanced and unique."

Hey, I’m Rebecca Anuru!


I am a young Hood Black woman that has devoted her life to loving Hood Black youth & young adults - and the people that genuinely care for them. I am actively creating a world that is safe for Black youth and the adults they grow to become.